Personal development
What happens to us in the first twelve years of our lives has a profound impact on all that follows. This is why in ancient cultures, for the first twelve years, children were given the freedom to learn without being subject to pressures and demands to develop in any particular direction.

Connection to the essence
This is of course connected to the meaning of puberty, which is our first 'rite of passage' in the process of maturing from childhood to adulthood. The reason for this approach was that our development needs to proceed by first becoming connected to one's essence and true inclination, so that all that follows in life would build on and develop further from that rather than from a partially connected platform where a person would live in a state of distance from oneself. Have a look at a Queen: 'Duty First, self second' that's all I've ever known.

Your life begins from now
The wisest way to approach personal development is through the gate of the powerful aphorism: 'Your life begins from now'. The best place to begin is by asking and answering oneself a few simple questions: 'What is really important to me?' 'What do I need to change?' 'Where do I want to be, personal development wise, six months from today?' There is a profoundly special characteristic to the times we live in, where there is a potent energy set-up that allows for new beginnings, possibly unlike any other time in world history.

'Turbo charge' yourself
One of its traits is that it enables accelerated personal development to those who free themselves up 'by mind-set and attitude' to explore these new possibilities. It is as though we can re-live the essence of the first twelve years, where learning and development happens at ultra-speeds, from where we are today. So if you are 50, while you may not be able to learn a new language at the speed of a five year old, you can, however, connect to your core essence and continue to develop a wide range of natural capabilities in a 'turbo charged' way.

Energetics and atmospherics
Personal development needs to be cultivated and nurtured in a special inner environment. The building blocks of personal development are the energetics and atmospherics that feed its growth and evolution. The energy worlds have their equivalent of junk and super foods. Eat too much junk food at your peril; eat super foods in the correct combinations and balance to enjoy tremendous well-being.

Become super-energized
Take this up a notch to our spiritual developmental processes: 'Does the mind really eat?' junk energies to experience lethargy, lack of focus and mental derangement. 'Eat' super fine energies to become super-energized and experience the exciting awakening and activation of one's innate potential. It is exactly the same with atmospherics, the energy fields that surround us.

By now you are probably asking: "So what exactly is meant by 'personal development' and how does it apply to the interaction between ladies and men?"; which will be the subject of the next article.

Written by David Gommé who through his company - Capable Dynamics - engages in helping senior executives and leadership teams to achieve their vision.

World Copyright © David Gommé

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