Charisma for the successful woman
These days, more and more women are reaching for their rightful position in business, politics and the world stage. In order to be highly successful you must communicate well. Good public speaking skills are essential to be heard and heeded. The successful woman understands how important communication is in business, in networking opportunities and in her personal life.

Key consideration
One key consideration is your charisma. This is something that some people are born with and others can develop in themselves. Charisma is defined as, 'Compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.' It is a key tool you want to use and take advantage of to inspire and to engage your audience.

How does one get charisma? There are several things you can do with regard to public speaking to develop your charisma. Realize that YOU are the expert; people come to see and hear what you have to say. You have something to say that matters and if you present with passion, it will matter to your audience. You will feel like a power woman.

Start, share and practice
You start with an amazing, unusual opening statement that grabs them immediately. This takes lots of practice 'to nail it'! You must come out of your comfort zone to deliver a message that will be immediately felt. Share something about yourself that is not just biographical, but that comes from the heart. This is what they feel, this is what they remember. And lastly, you practice, practice! Excellent public speakers realize that a great deal of preparation is required to make it look relaxed and easy.

Nienke van Bezooijen, founder of Presentation Master, is passionate about helping women speak with confidence, charisma and impact. The program, 'Empowered Women in the Spotlight', helps women business owners and executives to reach for the microphone, reach for the podium and reach for their dreams! World Copyright Nienke van Bezooijen

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